xojo.net.HTTPSocket RequestHeader Bug?

I’m trying to set a request header via a GET through xojo.net.httpsocket such as:

curl https://mysamplewebsite.com/api/ -H "Authorization: mysecretcode"

like this:

dim http as xojo.net.httpsocket http = New xojo.net.httpsocket http.RequestHeader("Authorization","mysecretcode") http.Send("GET", "https://mysamplewebsite.com/api/")

… but this Xojo code returns this error on the http.RequestHeader (third) line: “There is more than one item with this name and it’s not clear to which this refers”. Is this a bug in Xojo, or am I coding it wrong? I’m using 2014 r 3.2.

Thank you!

http.RequestHeader(“Authorization”) = “mysecretcode”

Thanks Norman! That worked perfectly.