xojo.net.HTTPSocket Max Concurrent


Win 10 r18.4

I have some code that pulls in a recordset from an sqlite database. Now I want, when looping through the recordset, take info from each record and submit an API request. I chose xojo.net.httpsocket as I found some example code and I liked the fact that it is asynch.

The recordset would likely have say 300 rows in it. If I try to run the code through all of the recordset, creating a new net.httpsocket subclass instance on each one, there seems to be a limit. Currently I have tried LIMIT 110 in my sql which works but up at 140 or 150 fails. Any idea on a constraint on ‘concurrency’ ?

I noted this link - would the advice to push requests into timer loop be a pragmatic way to do this ? Is there a better alternative without re-writing large portions of my code ?


It may be that the API you’re calling is limiting the number of requests per minute, so a timer queue may be the best option.

Thanks Tim. I should have been more clear - the Xojo desktop app freezes and becomes completely unresponsive.