Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket is not reusable?

I can’t figure out how to send more than one request with a Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket.

I’m trying to send the next request at the end of the PageReceived event from the first request, but it throws an exception.

The docs say: “Do not attempt to re-use a socket that is still in use (e.g. directly from the PageReceived or FileReceived events). One solution is to use a separate Timer that checks if the socket is available before attempting to use it again”

But I have no idea what “checks if the socket is available” is supposed to mean. How do you know if the socket is “available”?

How do you send multiple requests?

Use Xojo.Core.Timer.Calllater to call a method that makes the next request using that same socket.

Unless you’re working on an iOS project you should be using URLConnection instead.