xojo.net.HTTPSocket does not work on console apps

subclassed xojo.net.HTTPSocket
does not fire events on console apps,

Tested on MAC and windows with 2017 2.1 and 1.1

Do you run the event loop during the transfer? Console apps don’t have a default event loop.

I use an HTTPSocket in a console application to download a new version from a web site, so I know it works! I think @Andrew Lambert is correct.


[quote]By design, console applications do not have a main event loop. It implies that classes relying on such event loop will not work as expected.
You can call DoEvents in the Run event of your console application to create your own main event loop. If you use Timers or sockets in a console application and fail to periodically call App.DoEvents, sockets will not work and Timer.Action will never fire.[/quote]

[code]// In the Run event of your console application

Dim consoleTimer As New MyTimerSubclass
consoleTimer.Mode = 2 // Don’t forget this one
consoleTimer.Period = 1000 // Call every second