Xojo Mobile? Hmmmm

I noticed in the Black Friday Sale announcement that it says that Xojo iOS will soon be Xojo Mobile. This makes sense since Xojo Desktop allows you to develop for several desktop platforms. So it sounds like an existing Xojo iOS license will turn into a Xojo Mobile license supporting development for both iOS and Android. I just hope the price stays the same since, as a hobbyist, I’m not sure I want to develop for Android.


Exactly, this is also a bad news for thos with a PRO that dont use mobile.

Maybe more people are able to spend money if the PRO was cheapper but only Desktop, console and Web. With a “Pro Mobile” at the next tier :thinking:

The plan is when Xojo Android is released it will be included in Xojo Pro and all Xojo iOS licenses. Xojo iOS will become Xojo Mobile and there will be no price increase. To recap: Xojo Pro, as always, will include support for all platforms for $699, no change in price. Xojo iOS will become Xojo Mobile and will support iOS and Android for $299, with no change in price.


MVP or not, and whatever anyone else says, I maintain that Xojo Pro is an absolute bargain. Great to hear it will also include Android.

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