Xojo minimum requirements

I notice that on the Xojo download page requirements section, Yosemite and El Capitan are listed but Catalina is not.

Catalina should be listed and Yosemite and El Cap should be deleted - Xojo does not work with <10.12 macOS.

I am sorry to say that I am stuck right now unable to update my clients. I’ve had to do a lot of work on some apps to move to r2 in order to build for Catalina - but now dragging is broken in 10.10 and 10.11.

Xojo, I need a quick fix. Do I wait or do I ship?

Welcome to the problems many of us mentioned on the beta list where you need to use the older versions to work for older macOS and Windows versions and newer versions to work on newer versions

Its a mess

Is this an official statement ?

Catalina was added…

There should also be a note that users of macOS 10.15 Catalina should not use Xojo versions < 2019.02 anymore.

It’s not official because I don’t work for Xojo. It’s just fact because any dragging in the IDE or built apps will crash in macOS < Sierra.

This is certainly true if your apps use SelectColor()

Why ?
There are a handful of things that older versions do that cause issues and they can be worked around or replaced reasonably easily

MBS has a simple replacement

[quote=459674:@Norman Palardy]Why ?
There are a handful of things that older versions do that cause issues and they can be worked around or replaced reasonably easily[/quote]
Code Profiler doesn’t work anymore, Xojo crashes when calling the Color Picker twice and there are still problems with FolderItems.

I honestly cannot imagine what would cause the profiler to not work since its all written in Xojo code

The color picker and few fodleritem issues are all things that can be worked around
Replace the color picker & select color with the MBS one

The only folderitem issue I know of relates to temporary folder
Again that can be worked around and you can keep using older versions and still compiling a version of you code that actually will work on 10.10 to 10.15 (see the original post on this thread)

For my uses I may not care as I’m busy investigating rewriting a brand new app, literally < 6 months old, in Java :slight_smile:

Personally am still working on a solution for the temporary folder issue; I had thought I’d solved it using NSTemporaryDirectory, except that I have two users where NSTemporaryDirectory returns a location that is un writeable on Catalina.

So I’m investigating other solutions in the mean time.

Java? I thought Java on the macOS had been deprecated.

who said anything about this being on macOS ?
I might write code on a mac but the end target for this is likely to be linux based so …
While I’d like to NOT be doing this and stay using Xojo for the project I need to explore options

I might be wrong but I don’t think NSColorPanelMBS can work modally like SelectColor does.

True, it does not. But you can reasonably have it work like one.

It doesnt but its not hard to use and works quite reliably in 2019r1.1 from 10.10 to 10.15
It scratches one itch

Why doesn’t Xojo just patch these things and put out an update so their product works with the promised OS list?

Application patching would break the signatures
So its unlikely they would patch one
Plus since 2019r2 is out its unlikely they would patch 2019r1.1 - they’ve never updated an older version once a new one is out
But, since 2019r2 has issues what they might patch it 2019r2 and ship a 2019r2.1
That would fix some issues - like the drag and drop one you’re experiencing
But it would still leave some others, like tho who use older versions to support customer on older macOS and Windows versions, in a pickle because of all the event renaming and other changes
2019r2 really cause a lot of problems for some

So much so that in some case the solution has been to just quit using Xojo and move on to other tool sets