xojo memory leaks

Is there a tool or process to find a memory leak in Xojo, even just seeing the memory which has leaked ( a kernal tool) ?

  • fill the kitchen sink with water
  • submerge your app in the sink
  • carefully look for memory bubbles

Did you try Xcode’s Instruments? It has a ‘leak’ template.
Never used it for finding leaks though.

Doubt “Instruments” can help, seeing as it has to link itself to the compiled code, which it can’t do with a XOJO project as XCODE is not the compiler for it.

Did you try it?
Just open it. Select the Leaks template. Run your App. Select your running App as the target. Hit record. Wait for the red bars.

It won’t point you to the method and line number it’s leaking but you can pretty much guess where it’s coming from.

Instruments works well with Xojo.
I use it often to find leaks in Xojo code or my plugins.
It can even show you where an object was created in code (call stack)