Xojo Meetup London - November 23

In or near to London? Join Dana and Alyssa, along with local Xojo developers, for a social Xojo meetup.

When? November 23
Where? 5PM @ Drake and Morgan King’s Cross

RSVP with interest so we can get an idea of how many here.

Updated time and location. Email going out shortly…

I’m a little disappointed it’s so late in the day as I will have to leave by 8pm to get a train back to the South Coast, but I will be there.

Looking forward to meeting you all, after all these years!

I shall be there. Looks a possibly noisy venue. Are we in a separate room?

I’ve been exchanging messages with their reservations people about the availability of their private space since our group is big. Hopefully that will work out, I’ll keep you posted!

Quick note - we have changed the location to Drake and Morgan King’s Cross, which is right by the original location at King’s Cross. Our group ended up being larger than expected and the original location was not able to guarantee a reservation for a group our size - so we have moved to a location where we could get the space.

(I will email everyone who is on the list shortly.)

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday - don’t forget the location change. 5PM at Drake and Morgan!

See you on Saturday!
If anyone has iOS questions, I’ll be there to answer them :slight_smile:

Today, 5pm. Drake and Morgan’s!

see you all soon!!!

Anyone around for a beer beforehand? There are a few bars near the restaurant.

Yes! Alyssa is writing you!

Sadly won’t be able to make it due to unforeseen emergency at work.
Was hoping to get to know xojo users and perhaps even something more substantial on the xojo front…

If anyone has an interest in medical & related applications do drop me a line, was very keen to meet people who may have an interest…

Hope you all have a great evening!

we have a great time this evening!!! so nice to catch up

Thanks everyone for coming! It was great to see you and meet several for the first time! We will definitely have to do it again! :wink:

Thanks Dana for arranging Saturday night, I think we, as a group of XOJO developers in England don’t get together or communicate enough. If there is interest in a yearly or twice yearly get together in London, I would be willing to try to co-ordinate something. Perhaps at a quieter venue. Years ago we used to have something of this kind organised by Pat Delany at The Champion pub just off Oxford Street. If others in the UK would be interested, feel free to either reply to this or drop me an email at info@modussolutions.co.uk so I can gauge the level of interest.

how many people were you at this London meeting ?

Jean, do you mean this last Saturday, in which case Dana is probably best placed to answer that, I know about 25 were expected; or when we used to have the get-togethers at The Champion years ago, which used to be about 8 from memory.

@Jean-Yves Pochez I don’t know the exact number, but maybe around 15 people there. It was really wonderful spending the afternoon/evening chatting with all of them and finally meet some of Xojo users followed in the Forum or via Twitter!

The interchange of experiences in person is something priceless.

@John Dear If there is a regular meeting, I’m more than sure that I’ll repeat the experience! (I have to flight from Spain, but it’s just ± two hours away).