Xojo meeting in Vienna?


someone in Vienna, Austria ijntrerested in a local meeting?

I may be there around 23rd to 28th June 2019 and we could have a local meeting with developers.

see Blog article

Survey link

If several people have time one day, we could organize a nice local meeting.
Otherwise see you at the European Xojo Conference.

I ll be there…

Please add yourself to the survey. Either Monday or Tuesday evening are possible for me.
I booked my flight.

@Reinhard Blumauer, trag dich doch mal ein bei der Umfrage, wann du kannst…
Sonst noch jemand?

25th June 2019, 6pm or later.
If you like to join, please contact me.

Today :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the meeting!

Thanks everybody for joining us. See you soon!