Xojo Meeting in Newcastle upon Tyne


due to a Xojo related job I come to Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom.
To find an optimal date, I setup a survey:


if you like to join us, please vote for a day.

Also welcome are suggestions for a meeting place.


Hi Christian,

I like the idea of a meet-up and used to be part of a London group. However, Newcastle is unfortunately a bit too far to come from Southampton just for an evening.



Hi Christian.
Like John, Newcastle for an evening is just a little too far (6hrs min) for me.
If there is a chance of the evening followed by a days training/overview then I would look again at the logistics.
Rgds Bill Kearney.
PS. Are you looking at another Koblenz meet this year?

Well, I organize meeting for places where I plan to go and so far only Newcastle is scheduled for this year in UK.

You guys can of course organize your own meeting later this year London or Birmingham.

I’m based in sunny Edinburgh, so Newcastle is an OK trip.

Just have to brush up on the language!

I’ll be there … Ian

Haddaway. Wu divvent taak that different, kidda…

Sadly, I dont get back to the North East for another two weeks after this … (ex pat Geordie living in the Midlands now)

Thanks Ian.

by the way, meeting or Newcastle could either be inside city or to make traveling easier for some people outside, e.g. at a place near airport.

We pick the Tuesday, 16th June.

Exact time and location will be announced later.

We got a meeting place: Restaurant of Doubletree/Hilton hotel at airport.

As most people come by car, there is no reason for everyone to drive into downtown. We can just stay outside :slight_smile:

So we have the airport hotel. Do we have a time?

yes, 6pm.