Xojo meeting in Island

As I am traveling to Reykjavik in Island in July, I like to arrange a Xojo developer meeting.

Let’s talk about Xojo, conferences, plugins and other programming topics.

Please help to decide on the exact day: Survey for Island

Please mark your availability in the surveys above. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

We can reserve a table in a nice restaurant in Reykjavik and talk an evening about Xojo. Time probably around 17 to 21 o’clock, so you can come later or leave early.

Once I set a date and pick a place, we’ll contact everyone own the list with the details. I hope to see you all there!

Can’t do that, but I’m greatly looking forward to meeting you in Nashville. :slight_smile:


27th July 2022. If anyone wants to join, please let us know.

Otherwise see you in Nashville.

Auf Englisch sagen wir „Iceland“.
„Island“ bedeutet Insel.

I was trying to figure out which island you were going to. :slight_smile:

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Holy false cognate, Batman! :slight_smile: