Xojo Meeting in Atlanta?

Hello everyone,

I am coming to Atlanta in early October and I may organize a casual get-together with Xojo developers.

Something like a meet-up for dinner in a restaurant to talk about Xojo.

But I’d be welcome to ideas.

I made a survey with doodle to find a date:

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I’ll email a few people in the Atlanta area…

And we got five people already :slight_smile:

If you know anyone near Atlanta, please let me know.
Also if someone can do a trip to Atlanta for some reason (visiting relatives for example), you are welcome to stop by for the meeting.

Any one else interested?

I’ve responded on the doodle thingy, and hoping I can make it work. :slight_smile:

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Looks like Sunday or Monday. Anyone likes to change their mind or add yourself?

Also we don’t yet have a suggestion for a place.
(should be outside downtown, easy to reach, quite)

That’s a tricky one, depends on where folks are coming from. There’s some good choices at Battery Park which is by the baseball park, NW Atlanta. Others will have some good suggestions too I’m sure.

Looking on where everyone lives, it seems like most of you are north of Atlanta (And one person from south of Atlanta), so picking a place north of Atlanta seems to be convenient for you guys.

For the date, let’s take the Monday 2nd October. The restaurants are quite full on Sunday, so I prefer Monday here. Everyone okay with that?

The battery park area looks good as it is the meeting point of two highways.

Would the Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill - Atlanta be a good place to meet?

I live in the Cleveland Ohio area, but I’m a retired sysadmin now working on my own as a freelancer, so my schedule is flexible. Taking a couple days off to head south and attend the meet-up, so Monday is fine with me, same with whatever meeting place.

There’s a baseball game on Sunday, the last one of the normal season so that’s why Sunday is busy. Personally I’m ok with the restaurant but am flexible. Anything BUT the cheesecake factory! :rofl:

Thanks for the notice. So we pick 2nd October. I’ll look for a restaurant.

I’ve emailed everyone on my list about it.

We got a reservation and I look forward to meet you next week!

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The date is 2nd October 2023, even if the email said 2020.
Too much copy & paste here sometimes.

Looking forward to the meeting tonight.

See you guys!

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I am too, managed to make the time work :slight_smile:

First people arrived and we sit at the bar currently.

We got to the table :slight_smile: