Xojo Meeting for Stockholm, Sweden


Due to the CURL conference, I will come to Stockholm in April.
So let’s organize a Xojo developer meeting!

Anyone interested?

Currently we’d like to know if there is interest for a dinner meeting or more?

Here is the poll:

For a dinner, we would just meet in a restaurant and chat. If we get a bigger group, maybe get a separate room and with a screen and projector, so you an show something if you like.

What do you guys think?

If you are interested in some private consulting or training, let me know and we can arrange an appointment.

Just emailed a few Xojo users in Sweden, so I hope we find a few interested.

And I got a nice hotel room near central station.
If anyone needs consulting or wants to meet for a drink, you can just come to central station.

anyone else wants to use the survey?

Beer is too expensive in that area :slight_smile:

We meet 16th April 2018 in Stockholm in the evening.

If you didn’t get an email with the date, please contact me to add you to the list.

How many are attending? Just interested, can’t be there myself.

I think we could be six or seven.

I will email people in Sweden a week before so anyone interested to attend on short notice can join us.

I’ll pack some goodies to raffle :slight_smile:

I’ll travel down from the farm to civilization for Monday evening. Any news about location?

Well, we pick something next to central station, I think.
Suggestions are welcome, but otherwise we may go and look for something tonight to make a reservation.

Email sent to participants with location.
IF you didn’t get an email, please contact me.