Xojo Meeting for Reykjavik, Iceland


This year I visit Island and I want to take the chance to meet some of the Xojo developers there.
To find an optimal date, I setup a survey:


if you like to join us, please add yourself.

Also welcome are suggestions for a meeting place.


I will be there as well.

Welcome. I wonder if there are actually other xojo users?

I only knew of 2, one died of cancer and the other lives overseas. I suppose there might be some users that are not on my radar and not here on the forums. Iceland only has about 300.000 people so you have to consider it is like small town for most people, and usually you will not find a lot of Xojo users in same small town.

if someone is interested:

Uno restaurant at 3pm today.

Iceland is a fantastic place! Enjoy your time there! Do the big walk from Landmannalaugar to Thörsmörk and on to Güllfoss :wink:

He is only doing few hours stops ! so was no time for such !! And winter has not really left the highlands this year so am not sure how good those hiking trails are right now.

Thanks everyone for coming.
It was biggest Xojo and FileMaker meeting forever in Island :slight_smile: