Xojo Meeting for California in San Jos or San Francisco?

Due to WWDC, I’ll be in San Jos in June.

I may offer to organize a local Xojo developer meeting.
Someone interested?

Could be somewhere in San Jos area or even in San Francisco.

But maybe we just map out a center point easy to reach for everyone interested.

Looks like I fly via Los Angeles, so I can make a break there for a meeting and than do one in San Jos. If needed, I could even come to San Francisco to meet a few people. In all three places, I have >50 plugin users in a 100 km radius. So a lot of people could join us.

Survey for

If you want to send me some info, I can do a mailing to our users in those areas too.

Correct link for San Jos: Survey

Blog post: Xojo meetings for California
Emails sent to people in the area and our mailing list.

I added 14th June evening and 15th June Lunch time to the query as I am available there, too.

As far as I see people voting for San Francisco meeting are not actually from there.
So doing it in Oakland or Richmond could be better for people to drive to.

newer blog post

Four surveys:

Events cancelled.
Due to only a few people interested, I will not proceed.