XoJo losing or not loading resources


Does anyone else have this problem?

I am using XoJo revision 1.1. I have been having a considerable problem with the application resources.

About every third or fourth time I start up Xojo, and open my project, I find that my Image, used on a canvas has disappeared from the project. Sometimes the image ‘container’ is still there, with no image in it, or both are gone. I have to go back through my images, get the one with the correct resolution and add it again.

Other times, other types of resources are still in the project resources folder, but XoJo doesn’t load them, and asks me to locate each one of the 25 resources one by one. The only solution is to keep a separate resource folder, not in the project folder, with the same resource files in it. Overwriting the project resource folder files with the out of project resource folder files fixes the problem until the next time Xojo doesn’t recognize them again, which is fairly often. This problem persists on separate computers with separate installations of XoJo. The thing that is bad, is that when the problem is fixed, and the project saved and built, the next time I open the same project, it has the same problem again, but not every time! This problem happens on different projects also. Fixing it temporarily eats up quite a bit of time. I think it is a bug in at least the latest revision of XoJo.

Does anyone have any information to help?

Thanks all.

Do the Project and it’s resources reside in a “Cloud Folder” like a Dropbox Folder f.e.? If so, please do not do this. Things like you described can happen in such an environment.

No, the project folder is on the desktop.

In addition, I am not quite sure, but the items involved usually seem to be images. window Icons and bitmaps. My image is a png. image

Maybe you should open a Feedback Report an attach a little test project.

What is the project type?
Binary, xml or text

I am using Windows 10.

The project type is a default Windows forms project.

Just out of curiosity… you’re not renaming or moving files on disk instead of in the IDE are you?


The only way to restore the project is to use an external saved copy of the project resource folder,
If the project folder resource files are replaced (overwritten) by the external resource folder files, the project will reload them properly for a while.

Oh, I see what you mean. The overwrite is done with the project closed. Next time the project is opened, it properly recognizes and loads the resource files.

What I was getting at is there have been a few occasions where users will move a file from one place to another on disk and then get surprised when the IDE can’t find it.