Xojo license; Win 11 64; VDI-Client;


everyday I start Xojo, I have to add licence file to the IDE because it disappears.
Not at the laptop but at the VDI client (virtual desktop infrastructure).
I can not login due to proxy (only https possible which Xojo can not handle).

My guess is, that the VDI-client is seen by Xojo as a new PC when started as configuration changed (of course it does, it’s virtual).

I tried using it portable copying out of program files folder, but it’s not really portable.

Is a somewhat general license possible or any other solution?

Fortunately I can let Xojo be opened when only closing the project, that helps.

Any solution to this?

Thanks a lot!

is there something wrong with the sync of your user profile in citrix/vm ware?


I know I don’t really answer your question, but do you build everyday? You can fairly well not register your licence when you just debug and only register for building.

@MarkusR - guess this may be the reason… will ask the department for profile issues. Thanks a lot!

@Arnaud_N - You are right; but even when I want to store the sources, only binary is available
I map the sources between the two environments by TortoiseSVN and so need text project.
Of course, binary project should work. Thanks a lot!

Hopefully, I can keep setting the license without raising suspicion.