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If anyone is interested I saw this project posted on Upwork https://www.upwork.com/jobs/_~01cc1f25e272bb1d07/. Since it’s still beyond my skills I figured I’d post it here.

link is broken, topic can be locked @Paul Lefebvre

Link works fine. Looks reasonably legit to me on the face of it.

Deathly dull and under-budgeted but legit all the same :stuck_out_tongue:

I basically get a 404 for that link

link works for me.

do you have to be a member for it to work ?
that would explain why it doesn’t work for me - I’m not

Odd. I’m not a member. https://www.upwork.com/job/OSDP-XOJO_~01cc1f25e272bb1d07/ works fine for me.

From Upwork:


Web, Mobile & Software Dev Other - Software Development Posted 6 hours ago
Fixed Price
Budget $$$
Expert Level
I am willing to pay higher rates for the most experienced freelancers

I am looking to have developed software that enables OSDP capabilities for various access control devices. These devices will be connected using RS-485 half or full duplex. The first device will need to enable proper communications with Axis A4011-E Reader. The application will be developed using XOJO and most probably reside on a Mac Mini or Rasp III. This could be a Web or Desktop application but prefer Web.

The application will have a Login window and after successful login three windows
Quick look

Quick Look:
Simple info to identify MAC, IP, Time - Date, Organization, Help link, and command buttons to enable selecting Set Up and Information

Enable the setting of values pertinent to
Network: IP, mask, gateway, remote server IP, username remote server, password remote server
Organization: Company name, email, telephone #
User information: (PIN, FOB #s)
Upgrade: Check to see if a software upgrade is available
RS-485: Speed - start, stop bits
Device: accept one of several formats
26-bits | Wiegand 26-bit (H10301)
32-bits | 32-bit Card Data
34-bits | Wiegand 34-bit
37-bits | Wiegand 37-bit (H10302)
37-bits | Wiegand 37-bit with facility code (H10304)
75-bits | 75-bit GSA….
as well look to see if a device is connected when instructed to do

See error messages, access whether PIN or FOB to include date-time and # of access…

Normal functioning will always looking for information being sent by end device and then making appropriate actions. Right now a method that receives PIN or FOB and compares to a db that exists local or on remote server. Then a MsgBox will display PASS or FAIL on db request.

I got the 404.
There’s a difference in links. OPs link is not the same as the one you posted, Gavin.

Gavin’s link works. OPs did* not.

  • It works for me now after visiting Gavin’s link?

[quote=309474:@Tim Parnell]I got the 404.
There’s a difference in links. OPs link is not the same as the one you posted, Gavin.[/quote]
How weird. I see it does a redirect from /jobs/ to /job/ - yet both work fine for me in Safari and Chrome.

Oh well! Have at it!

Ah thats a different link than the original post

Yes, I thought I’d re-copy it from my browser in case there was something different but like I said, the original still works fine for me, with a redirect.

Now it looks like I’m defending this project - it’s not mine, I swear! Arrrgh!