Xojo is looking for a Marketing Coordinator/Content Creator!

This role is a part-time, contract position. We’re looking for someone who can work with the Xojo team and the Xojo community. Your tasks will center around creating and distributing Xojo content. Key tasks include but are not limited to:

*Working with Xojo team members to create content plans
*Create written content, for the Xojo Blog, social posts, case studies, white papers, etc.
*Create video content, long and short form
*Schedule and share content on social media and the Xojo Forums
*Organize monthly Xojo webinars - suggesting topics, finding guests, hosting webinars
*Organize and prepare monthly newsletters
*Participate on social platforms and the Xojo Forum

Xojo offers a flexible and friendly, remote working environment. This positions calls for an enthusiastic and community-minded individual who is familiar with Xojo and the Xojo community. We expect this position to be around 10-20 hours/week. Please send applications to jobs@xojo.com.