#XOJO iRC channel in the works ?

Would anyone be interested in a #XOJO iRC channel or chat room ?

Such an IRC channel Already exists. irc.freenode.net:6667 ##xojo (notice the double # convention, which is normal with freenode, as the this channel is not “official”, but community run.)

A small number of people hang out there 24/7, so they may be idle and not respond immediately depending on their local time zone. The average has been about 5 users, but at times, we have seen around 25 or so concurrently. The numbers spike when announced (like this) in the forums or the old mailing lists.

It has always seemed that new people would join the channel, and ask a question and then leave if they didn’t receive a response in less than 60 seconds. The regulars may step away or even be asleep, due to their local time, but they do respond once the see the message. Of course, if we had more participants, there would be more activity and less idleness. Catch 22 situation.

Seriously though, it’s a core group of people that hang out there, some since at least the RealBasic 5.5 era (##rb back then).

i think the XOJO irc isn’t active anymore