Xojo IOS so easy


the last week-end, i have spend time to develop with Xojo IOS.

I wanted to discover if it was so easy like MacOS or Windows.

A really nice discovery.

So, after test my application, i decide to publish it.

With Xojo, Online Guide, and the precious forum. So easy, really no pain to publish.

And here the result :


A small application called P-Calc.

My first IOS application, and for sure not the last.

Thanks Xojo to make development easy.



Sorry, but that probably wasn’t the best naming choice.


I believe informative titles are always better, in particular when users search for a feature.

Perhaps “PaperCalc” would have been better.


Considering I’ve had a small update to an existing iOS app rejected by the reviewers because the (unchanged) icon was ‘too similar’ to another app, I’m quite amused by this.

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it is strange they accepted this pcalc name, as there is the famous p-calc for so long on the ios store…

I had my iOS Check Writer app rejected because of “spam”. I appealed and told them I had the app in the MAS since 2017. That was enough for them to release the app.

I do understand the notion of spam in the app store, though. Each and every one of my apps have been cloned by copy cats. I remember reading Sam Rowlands had to contend with the same kind of rats as well.

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Congratulations on releasing your first iOS app. :tada:
I am looking forward to seeing the next apps you will release.

Now… time for some bad news.
I can already predict your app will make less than 35 downloads within the next 6 months, as the minimum payout by Apple is 25€, you will actually never get any money from this app.
Meaning the bottle of Champagne you will pop this evening will never be paid for by this app :slight_smile: [joking]

Prove me wrong and I will offer you 5 hours of ASO consulting (App Store Optimization) for free.
Prove me right and I will offer you 1 hour video call (in French) to give you some tips on how to better market your app(s). (both scenarii you win)

If I were you, I would change the price of your app to “free”, add a “Contact me” button and wait for someone to make some feature requests, which will eventually help you make an even better app.
And it will give you more experience for your next apps. :wink:

Good luck!


Congratulations !

Looks great.

Just for the fun after 6 months :joy:

thanks for this forum where i learn everyday :slight_smile:


what impressions mean? unités is downloads ?

Impressions is the count of times the app was displayed in the app store as a search result.
Units is the download count.

Obviously the OP followed my advice and set the pricing of the app to “free” :wink:


I have 15 Apps in the store and have pretty much made nothing from them (<$5K). Admittedly I don’t market them and mainly written for fun or for the education market where I did make a good living in the early 90’s through direct marketing in Aust. Schools no longer respond to that here and the App Store is flooded with Apps. So what is a good approach to up my pocket money?


@Jeremie_L has written an excellent article about marketing iOS apps in XDev 17.1 back in 2019.

You can buy that particular issue at https://xdevmag.com/


Thanks Michel, just purchased it :slight_smile:

@Martin_Fitzgibbons My suggestion — raise your prices. Your software looks good, but the price suggest they are not. Also you web site looks dated. Feel free to disagree.

Feel free to PM me after reading the article.

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Agree :+1: