Xojo IOS as a games platform?

Current progress on my IOS retro game, comments welcome…


This is done by Xojo? Amazing.

Looks very cool. Can you talk about what Apple API’s you’re using?

very cool! Yes tell us more about it :slight_smile:

Love it, Dave, would love to hear more!

Galaga lives !

Awesome work!!

[quote=172824:@dave duke] notice the Commodore 64 desktop and VIC 20 ones !

I spotted the Babel Fish - nice touch!

I’m also an old CBM=64 assembly programmer btw - and if you want any help with audio ‘polishing’ feel free to message me - I’ve been doing pro-audio for nearly 30 years now and would love to help out on a project like this. It tugs at the old nostalgia heart-strings…

Looks great Dave. I’ll fork out the $ for it. Been saving for a few weeks.

It’s very inspiring to see this kind of programming done with Xojo iOS Dave. Well done!

Wow Awesome work Dave. Well done.