Xojo Instruments: Diagnostic Tool for Memory Leaks and Circular References

I just released Xojo Instruments, a runtime tool to diagnose memory leaks and circular references in Xojo Desktop applications.
It is a spin-off from my internal project and licensed under open source license (MIT).


The tool can be used to list up alive objects, compare objects between time-points, trace and visualize forward/backward references of objects.
If you’re interested please have a look and give me your opinion. Thanks!

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Thank you for sharing this with us. :slight_smile:


I’ve just released v0.2.0 of Xojo Instruments.
Now supports Xojo 2018 Release 1 and improves performance (approx. 4x faster snapshot).

Is there any chance you will ever make a version that works with Web applications? Having said that, great work on the Desktop version. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!
Actually Xojo Web apps are not of my use-case; I don’t own a Web license :slight_smile:
However I think it is easy to port it to Web as the core part of Xojo Instruments and its Desktop GUI are completely separated. So only thing to do should be to write a WebPage version of the Desktop GUI window.
As this is an open-source project, I always welcome anyone interested in porting it to Web/Console/iOS to work together.