Xojo installation on notebook


I travel a lot and wanted to have a copy of xojo on my win Xp notebook. So installed xojo and when loaded xojo the splash shows then no project chooser. Xojo.exe process is running, application is not (task manager). Whilst I know xojo may struggle a little on an Xp notebook this was just to tweak and play around whilst on the road. Any ideas as to why I can’t get the IDE to show?

Thanks in advance

Is RS running as well? Xojo/RS or multiple versions of either can not run at the same time on Windows.

No other realstudio or xojo products installed. Don’t get this in all truth.

My usual suggestion for strange behavior like this is to try running Xojo from a different user account to see if you maybe have a corrupt preference file of some kind.

Actually just done that, done reinstall but still no IDE yet process is running, app is not -no errors nothing but the desktop screen.

Anything on the console that might be useful?

DebugView can show you the console:


Thanks Paul, I’ll give that a shot tomorrow as my notebook is not Internet enabled

You might find XP exasperating as it has a couple known issues with it’s memory handling.
Windows Vista or 7 would be better as they fixed the known issues.