Xojo in Vancouver

Just curious to learn if there are (m)any Xojo users in and around Vancouver; whether there have ever been any meetups, etc.

I have 14 people in a 100 miles radius in my client database.
Beside you there are two others in your city.

I recently moved back to the West Coast, and recently restarted using Xojo again. Anybody else in the Vancouver or Lower Mainland area interested in meetups?

reach out to @Dana Brown and she can forward your email/announcement about the meetup to everyone that has a Xojo license within # miles of the location. And as @Christian Schmitz has already said he is willing to do so for his plugin users. Both Dana and Christian has said in the past they are willing to do this for people trying to organize user groups/meetups.

I just sent a message out pointing people to this thread.

Thank you Dana, I really appreciate your assistance.

For those in the area, I’m pretty flexible about where and when. Even if it’s just a few of us (professional or novice).

I’m a SQL Server developer by trade, but keen to do more with Xojo Desktop and Mobile projects.


Geez and I was just out that way in Whistler mid April

Sorry I missed you Norm,

And to think I owe you a beer or two as well :wink:

thats ok
I was out there on a trip my wife won with a couple friends (which by the way was an AWESOME prize to win) and squeezing my fat arse into ski pants and having a blast cruising the ski hill

maybe when Xojo does XDC in Seattle or Vancouver ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought I might try this again, to see if any Xojo developers are in the Vancouver or Lower Mainland area of BC, that might be interested in meetups some time?

Fyi, I live in Coquitlam, but can travel wherever.

I may be out that way in April or so
But Whistlers still open then soooooo … :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone interested ?
Looks like it will be may sometime
Once passes open to traffic without winter tires since we never buy them here :slight_smile: