Xojo in AIX to create Excel file with Pivot Table and Chart

Hello All,

Can we run a Xojo program that runs in AIX ( TL03) to create an Excel file containing a pivot table and pivot chart?

Does such a program require MBS-Xojo-Plugins complete with LibXL (for Linux)?

Please advise. Thank you!
-Simon in Nashville, Tennessee

You can always load a template with whatever char is needed and fill in some fresh data.
With MBS Xojo XL Plugin.

Thank you for the inputs, Christian. From your response, I am understanding that the template has to already contain the Pivot table and Chart so the XL Plugin is used just to populate the data used by the Pivot table. So, the XL Plugin cannot create the Pivot table and Chart in a brand new Excel file, without a template.

Have you or others tried to run an executable created in Xojo (for Linux) in an AIX environment?

Thank you!

AIX is a BSD Unix System V based system, it’s not Linux. Besides that, isn’t your system running on IBM Power platform instead of Intel based hardware?

Hello Rick,

I knew it was not Linux, hence I was asking.
Yes, you were correct about the hardware running with PowerPC_POWER9 processors.

From your post, I think the answer to my question would be a “No” then, huh?

Thank you.

Cheers from Nashville, Tennessee!

I just wanted a confirmation, it would not be the first time someone presented me some “special” hardware or compatibility software layer I wasn’t aware yet. But now that you clarified the environment, yes, it’s not compatible. :wink:

Thank you, Rick!

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