Xojo IDE virus

Just got this from virus total on latest update.

Gridinsoft (no cloud) Trojan.Heur!.00000823 Acronis (Static ML)

What file of what Xojo version fired such alert?

I have googled for Trojan.Heur!.00000823 and didn’t get anything useful. A search using Bing AI answered that Trojan.Heur!.00000823 is a trojan found by some antivirus software.

I don’t get why Acronis is in the description, Acronis is a software developer, for example backup software.

Could that e a false positive, I can’t tell.

@Rick_Araujo question is pertinent.

Well, I need the proper file to be analyzed.

Seems just a mix of false positive + bad copy and paste.

Gridinsoft (no cloud) Trojan.Heur!.00000823

Is just an antivirus guess observing some behavior (Heuristics), it means nothing when not having more consistent data like being flagged by more analyzers.

The “Acronis (Static ML)” probably is just another analyzer nearby copied by mistake.

Looks like a false positive: VirusTotal

It is

“no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious”

What anti-virus application are-you using ?

I use Bitdefender total security and on none of my PC’s a virus alert was generated while installing rel. 4
I think this is a false positive.