Xojo IDE Project Reload

Hi all,
Is there a way to force the project to reload to reflect code changes done by an external editor (appart from closing and loading the project again).

Make a change, any change such as adding a space to the end of a line. Then select Revert to Saved from the file menu. Making the change is required to ensure that the IDE thinks that the in memory copy is different from that on disk.

Thanks for the tip.
Unfortunately, the whole project is reloaded (text mode), was hoping that only the changed file could be reloaded…

Hey, I’m really going to suggest that you don’t do that (editing files in an external editor) unless you really know what you’re doing. The IDE is very particular about the format which has changed over time to correct errors. If you get just one thing out of place, part or all of your project may be unreadable.

For me it’s when I pull from GIT…

@Philippe_Fuentes You did ask for a way of reloading the Project, not a single file. :slight_smile:

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How long does it takes (to load the project) that you’re worry about reloading time ?

It’s about 1m20s to load

I did indeed, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile: , the idea behind was to be able to “quickly” load part of the externally modified code.

Thanks for the warning, will keep that in mind.
I’m only modifying existing code for the moment via Visual Studio Code, as searching/replacing on a text file source code project is very quick this way.