Xojo IDE on Windows (10)

Hi all,

I need advice from Windows users!

I’ve always used the Xojo IDE on Mac. The IDE Windows version is good?

A microprocessor I5 and 4 GB of RAM (Windows 10) are a good Setup to work?

Thank you

No problem, may be a lit bit slower than with a Mac

Loads projects considerably slower, but after that works fine. You do get some IDE refresh oddities occasionally because Windows is not double-buffered like OSX, but nothing serious. I work 95% of the time in Windows, mostly because I am much more familiar with the O/S and moving files around.

Ah yes I noticed.

Thank you François and Merv!

For the new 64-bit compilation, I feel that there is need for much more power. Anyone know how much power is required?

This is not something that should be discussed in this section.

Why ?

Olivier is not asking secrets. If you know, just answer yes or not.

Olivier, if the Xojo rule still exists (a release every quarter), the next version will come in some days.


Release Notes List (with dates)
How frequently do you release updates?

Nothing secret here.

That said, the faster the better and consider your time use and budget.

A good question. While the subject of 64-bit per se is public, the specific topic of the new 64-bit compilation is still limited to beta, hence my answer to the specific question.

Perhaps I should have made that clear. In any case, if you read other similar threads, you will notice that I offered Olivier some answers that indirectly cover this question.

IDE works fine for me on Windows 10. i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 750GB hard disk, Intel 4600HD graphics card, laptop. Loads projects quick, and actually seems a little snappier to work with than a few versions ago to my eyes.