Xojo IDE must have ability to integrate program calls for external editor

The xojo IDE is becoming slower and slower we all knoiw. Especially under Linux OS it is a slow animal. The biting back is complex. How nice would it be to have the chance to get out of the problems.For example with copy paste and especially often used replace of strings. I would appreciate that really. I wrote a small editor with xojo to do exactly this jobs. But: I have to call it and I have to copy paste for it…what is not really working. I would like to be able to vae the chance for using an external editor parallel with the IDE to come out of it.

I’m a very big +1 for this. When I’m in the IDE I miss a lot of the functionality I get from my current one (PHPStorm). Even simple stuff like deleting a line or duplicating a line!

It’s likely easier to improve the code editor than it is to create a human-friendly text format and detect (and load) live on-disk changes.1


I’d much prefer they fix their IDE rather than adding more new features to try and work around the problems.

I can believe that, so all I want is some better keyboard commands. :smile:

Is it slow when using GIT ?

With Linux the entire IDE is really slow to use. That makes problems. Beside this, Copy and paste are not working correctly what is making it impossible to work as fast as you are possible to. I wrote an external editor for it to be able to edit without this disturbing s but I would appreciate to have a way to connect the external editor to the ide. That is not possible. Therefore I am asking for it.

An older version of the IDE used to reload classes if they changed on disk. But that functionality was lost.

Same as the editing of code to take effect immediately while debugging.

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Copy and paste in 5 seconds…copy 2.5 and paste 2.5 is not slow it is not functioning at all in my view