Xojo IDE minimum window size

Is there any chance of setting the minimum window width of the Xojo IDE to 960px so that we could fit two projects side by side in a 1920x1080 monitor? I can sometimes squeeze it in if I get rid of the library/inspector pane, but inevitably the second window gets pushed over the right edge of the screen. It would be a little tight, but would certainly make things much easier when editing two projects.

and that would really screw up people with 1280 and 1440 wide monitors


catering to people with larger monitors so they can put projects side by side?

Why limit the min width at 960? why not 640 or less … and let everyone size their windows as they see fit…

Placing such a large “minimum” restricts others

The minimums are there to prevent you from getting the UI in an unusable state. The current minimum with the palettes collapsed is about 700 pixels, about 1000 with them expanded. It looks like the main editor space could live with dropping 40 pixels, but definitely not 360. That would leave only about 100 pixels for the editor.

So are you impliying going from a minimum of 700 to 960? I don’t see the real benefit on that. Now making the palletes look “clean” so they don’t consume so much of the usable space, that sounds like a real benefit (but that request is out there already).

No, he’s suggesting reducing the minimum (with palettes) from 1000 to 960. At least, that’s what I assume.

Right, 960px with palettes. Most of the time when you’re programming side by side it’s code view only, sometimes the inspector needs to be displayed temporarily, but for the most part its off. I only mentioned 1920w since it’s already close to the width of two minimum width windows now and it’s a common size.