Xojo IDE: about the Project Chooser

The Project Chooser at its default size have room for 16 + entries, but only 10 are used.

Image: Screen Shot “The New Window - Project Chooser”.

if the “entry” is not “online”, Xojo propose you to delete it or not.
Nice. I love it.

the user cannot delete ONE entry (the entry for an example project for example).

the user have to close that window, and activate File.Open Recent to be able to delete… ALL entries.

when the user choosed an entry, a simple explanation appears in the right third of the window: Name (project name) and Path (location).
but, still no project description to give a hint to the user about what this project is as I suggested some months ago (last year ?)

the right third part of the window is dnot deleted when no entry in the second third of the window (center) have no more selected entries… even if you click in its the empty part. To clear this part, click in the “Recent Projects” (in the first third of the window - window leftmost column).

Proposed changes:
a. Add a comments field (or call it info field ?) where the Xojo user can put some description text for each project (read above),

b. Add the ability to have more (far more) than 10 entries in the “Project Chooser” window (check what OS X do --> System Preferences --> General; I set it to 20),

c. Add the ability to delete an entry (or more: the selected entries) using both the Delete Key / Edit Menu -> Delete MenuItem; using a Contextual Menu is also an intuitive way to do that,

d. Your advice(s) can be added here (if you have some).


Advice to remove one entry from the list (center column of the “Project Chooser” window):

If you want to keep the project on disk, move it to an external disk, in the Cloud, elsewhere, but offline !
Other solution: compact it and delete the original and trash the project.

Image: Screen shot of the Xojo reaction to the trashed project when you click in its entry in the “Project Chooser” window’s entry:

So, once trashed, you’d better empty the trash, so you will get the better window; alternately, click in Remove:

Image: Screen shot of Xojo standard report “Click in Remove” (Annuler is French for Cancel).

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