Platform: OS X.
IDE: 2015r1 (run / Screen Shots)

I already saw this kind of differences and that is the reason why I stop (totally stopped) to use Real Studio (once I figured out how to apply my license to Xojo… some weeks after buying the upgrade), but it is the first time I report that.

Also, this explain (to me) why I never know (remember) where in the IDE, the Use Builds Folder setting is…

Check the two screen shots (below) I’ve done earlier. One have been created from scratch with 2015r1, the other one have been created in 2013, but I do not recall nor found when exactly. The oldest reference I found is July2013 (2013.2), but I do not loaded it *.

2015r1 created application Shared Properties Pane.png

The Completist Reader - created in 2013 (probable).png
This project was created from ex nihilo.

Watch carefully the two images and especially the order of appearance of the three blocks of properties.

I am quite sure that this cannot have an effect on how the IDE behave, but it is a bit perturbing.

I already saw this kind of things, but it was about ListBox and also the difference was in the Property blocks order of appearance.

  • That is because of the way I use the IDE and the low number of recents projects available / unability to delete one entry in the recents list.

Why is the change of the order of controls a problem for you?

Symptom of a bug ?

When some code does not works as it was intended to work, I start to be suspicious.

In GIMP, I also saw a difference in the order of appearance of two sub-menu items… I do not know why.

Nota: some days ago, I asked in code for a 20 pixels interval between two small images drawn into a Canvas and get 40 pixels. By pure hazard, I changed the value to 10 and get 20… In that case, I do not searched far away (especially when in my code I changed the value of x in two lines only (and one was in a If block) !