Xojo IDE, 2022r4.1: the Window Editor…

Look at the screen shot and cry (read below the image).

After spending some times to put data for the Import tab, I copy these Controls, click in Export and Paste.

Result: everything goes to the first Tab…

Hey, Xojo, still playing in 2023 ? (like it was 25 years ago ?)…:japanese_ogre:

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Ticket #54011 Be able to copy/cut and paste between tabs of a TabPanel

4 years and counting, but they have to sort out the cruft first…


The Issue had no likes, so maybe is not important to users?

It looks like the control is being copied with information about the parent (the tab they are in) so when we paste that information makes the tab to change back to where the controls were copied from.

I see Greg as a participant, maybe an internal comment there but he is no longer with Xojo.

As it is marked as a Feature Request instead of a bug, is taking too long to fix.

I’m not really sure why Ticket #52177 Paste of copied objects in IDE onto TabPanel said it was only intermittent as I can replicate it in about 3 seconds using a similar version they were using back then (2018r1.1)

Not many people care about “likes” or “doing their duty” as they either don’t see the point as things languish for multiple years with no fix while other less “liked” bugs and features are fix/implemented.

The way around it (I hate providing work arounds as it tends to mean xojo will never fix the thing) is to paste, move the whole selection to the side of the window, change tabs, then move it all back in which is just terrible.


Its one of those things that people do maybe twice while developing an app and then never again.
Once you have worked around it, it goes out of your head, and people dont ‘like’ such posts.

One workaround I could imagine here is to drag the controls off the tab first, wiping the parent property.

Then copy and paste into one tab, switch tabs, paste again
Then delete the originals that are off tab.
They still need renaming , however, so it isn’t a quick process.

Or users have other things to do than liking all issues that might be important to them. Personally, I don’t spend hours everyday in listing all the issues in the system to find the ones that concern me for liking them; would be too time consuming.

In other words, I don’t think the current system of only fixing “liked” bugs is the right approach.


Thank you Jeff.

I am not here to complain, but doing too many times the same stuff … No. This is too much.

About renaming stuff:
Yes, I have to do that and also move (top / bottom) Controls since this is Export (no more Import.

WHat I do not wrote earlier is… the crash I had when I was ready to copy/paste…I lost the design and code. Restart Xojo does not proposed to rescue lost changes (I do not know why).

So, I was two times angry: that situation does not evolve since ages (it is a pity for a RAD) and I have to do it again and again…

Yes SAD (Slow Application Development) instead of RAD (Rapid Applicatopn Development).

This is a bad week for me; my vision is bad, and I cannot use my computer to go ahead with that project as I want; now this…

BTW: Copy / Paste is the base of everything, no one must have to make bug report when that technology is involved.
This looks like “Duplicate”, not Copy / Paste. Grrrr… :japanese_ogre:

Who talked about “Rock Solid” ?
(Doh ! It was a Joke ? No, I’m not laughing !)

imagine when I discovered this bug with a tab having some 10 panels … it gets duplicated nb panels -1 times …


That’s only been broken for 3 years now, you’ll need to buy 2023r1 when it releases to have that feature.

Sending you a virtual hug Emile


The anti-crash backup (done when you Run/Build) is missing in Xojo 2022r4.1 (and several versions before), good news is that it is going to be back in 2023r1.

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FYI: Web 2 works correctly
ezgif.com-video-to-gif (4)

Found a refresh bug for Desktop:
#72208 - Tab Panel missing the controls sometimes

I know it’s a pain to discover that. My workaround, which I learned from a forum post, is to use containers to do the layout, then drag the container to the appropriate tab. Next, duplicate the container and copy the duplicate to the new tab. Using this approach has the added benefit of allowing the selection of multiple controls with your mouse for editing or moving into position.

I wanted this changed several years ago as I have several issues that will never get enough “likes” to get resolved. I tried to open a discussion with Xojo about other possibilities, but it never went anywhere.


This is similar to what I did for Sleep Aid. Because the controls were identical across the panels, I skipped the tab panel and used a SegmentedControl to swap the dataset of the UI.

I keep seeing complaints about currency type.
Never used one, never will. So I’ll never bother upvoting such a bug, yet I understand it is pretty critical.

Now and then at one place I was coding, we would have a ‘trivial week/few days’.
Literally going through the bugs that were low priority yet obviously ‘10 minute fixes’.
(eg Something is the wrong color… wrong number of decimals… incorrect spelling…)

We could flatten 500 bugs in a week, and the result was happier customers because they could see things getting done.
By restricting it to a sprint, few people complained that ‘big issues’ were ignored.
It just cleared some of the fog from the issues list.


Same here.
Just imagine a severe bug is in Xojo, which is reported in Issues, but no one takes time to “like” it (various reasons are possible, like the users who usually “like” things happen to be the ones with which this issue don’t apply). So Xojo wouldn’t fix an important bug, but fixes the liked ones; the criteria to fix bugs isn’t logical.

Now, if even that fact must be passed to a MVP to be taken into account, it’s hopeless.


I think the “Bug Bash”, while not the same as your ‘trvial week/few days’, helps achieve some bugs getting attention that otherwise may not qualify for action. And lets us help promote things to their attention. I hope we continue to see more “Bug Bash” intervals.

Thank you all for your messages.

I finished minutes ago and I am nearly happuy with that, now.

Some notes:
How do you go to the other Tab ? (sometimes, most of the time ?)
Click in a Control may reveal the tabs (in my case Importation and Exportation). I stayed minutes contemplating the invisibles tabs, then stand up to drink a Pespi Cola, and resume coding: a click in the Navigation pane…

This bug is not two or three years old… my memory fails, but I think it is far older…

At last, I falled into another bug: my export generated an infinite loop on the… first Record (saves endlessly the same first Record from the SQLite db in the target .csv file). Time to sleep (this night)
Then, minutes ago, I realized my “Do” line is misplaced (before the RecordSet Query !). A simple Cut / Paste and the export is done and works fine, now.

I’ve seen this since REAL.Studio days, at least.

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Same here - in fact, I just witnessed it in my current refactoring work.

Unless you’re constantly working on more than one app.