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This may be a silly question, but I have 3 different releases of Xojo right now, I use all of those with different projects. Xojo icon is identical for all 3 on the Dock.

Is there a way to change one of these icons so that it is easier to identify the release and not be confused? Is this something that is in Xojo domain or can be customized by user?

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Not that I’m aware of, but it’d make a great feature request to have it as a setting which could be enabled. I’ve personally had as many as five different versions of Xojo in the Dock at one time and had to try and remember which icon in the order is for which version. Eventually I moved to just keeping the latest version in the dock and opening the others from /Applications.

Is something like this helpful?


I found (somewhere, can’t remember?) a PNG file of the Xojo app logo and added some of my own graphics to it for each version that I use, then open the “Get Info” dialog of the Xojo.app file and copy-and-paste my new image onto the icon in “Get Info”. It changes the icon for the Xojo.app file and everywhere the app appears such as the dock and command+tab.


The grey background represents versions with an expired license; the amber for my current license.


Alberto, the tooltip showing release version would be certainly helpful, your example is concise and descriptive enough. So that would be very good.

Scott, your snapshot is just pefect. I will see if I can do it by myself as well.
On the other hand, it would be easier if Xojo could do it on their end in addition to the tooltip suggested by Alberto.
Thank you.

You can rename the app packages without messing up the signature. Xojo.app > Xojo 2024r1.app and you’ll get your tooltip


Very helpful tip, I will try, thanks.

Sorry I was not clear that I renamed:

  • Xojo to Xojo2019
  • Xojo to 2023r4
  • Xojo to 2024r1

to create the GIF.

image Happens automatically on Windows.

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I too have multiple versions of Xojo and I use iCollections to have a clear overview of these versions.
I can add multiple Xojo versions and every item can be (re)named the way I like it.



I’m also an user of iCollections → The file names in the iCollections list are aliases.

It is fairly easy to change an app’s icon: