Xojo hook (Windows )

is there an example on how to use hooks with xojo? I am referring to Windows environments

Look for the Windows Functionality Suite. I don’t know where to find it any more. It’s a third party set of declares that allow you to get deeper into the guts of Windows.

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How safe is it for a newbie to enter the internal files of the operating system, who practically did not perform any manipulations there? I removed only service packs, but in general I did not delve into the structure of Windows.

You might want to split this into a new thread, its generally ok to read information but I wouldn’t go removing service packs.

Perhaps you read too much into my comment. WFS wraps a lot of system declares, including the ability to hook into the windows messages being sent to your app. I don’t know if there are a lot of dangerous declares in there. That said, it is a good idea to know what you’re doing and be familiar with the Windows documentation.

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The crux of the matter was whether it was safe or not. I’m just a beginner in programming, just learning, and that’s why I decided to register on the forum in order to immediately find out everything I need and ask questions on those points that I don’t understand.

You got valid answers. Nothing is inherently dangerous for the system if you stick to documented methods.

Thanks for the answer! I’m just the kind of person that I’d rather ask again than do something wrong. Even if my question looks strange.

As a beginner, you can ignore this topic. In 16 years of using Xojo full time for my business, I have rarely needed to declare into the underlying OS.