Xojo Hard Crash When Starting a New iOS app and Naming App

Hi folks,

I’m jumping into the pool of “Civilian Developers” and want to start a new iOS app based on a request from my wife. Since I’ve had issues with 24.1 on my Mac platforms (hangs/stalls, run failures, and others), I stepped back to my last known solid IDE - 22r4.1.

When I select to create a new iOS app and then select the App module to name the app, I can change the default “App” to my name, but as soon as I tab or click out of the field, the IDE does a hard crash out to the desktop.

Is this known about 22r4.1? Is there an issue with 22r4.1 on 14.5? Just trying to determine if this is Xojo or my system (i9 Mac Book Pro is the platform if that matters).


Okay - I’m feeling “retired” now - you can’t change the App module name in this way.

Please ignore this.

Perhaps, but the reaction should not be to hard crash.

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Just out of curiosity, what did you rename it to?

FYI, you can code your app in 2022r4 but if you are planning to release on the app store you will need 2023r4 or 2024r1.

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The name of the application - which should have been set in “Shared” build settings.

Odd, my 22r4.1 build was approved for testflight.