Xojo Hangout (2021-11-02)

Xojo Hangout - Join us at the next Xojo Hangout TODAY - set a reminder now! :slight_smile:

When: 2021-11-02T18:00:00Z β†’ 2021-11-02T18:40:00Z (local time)
Where: Zoom - Join here
Meeting ID: 857 0468 3920
Passcode: 020870


Where is the local time?

The times listed should be displaying in your local time zone.

I’m showing. 1:00PM. I’m assuming that is Austin. US Central Time.

What is the topic of the hangout? Or is it just small talk?

Anyway I’m looking forward to speak to you, my friends. :slight_smile:

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Just small talk unless anyone has anything they want to demo :slight_smile:

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Ok, perfect! I hope that I don’t forget the event. Sometimes, I’m just too busy.

How many people will attend the hangout?

If I had to guess, perhaps 15ish? We have had more attend and we have had less. Really just depends on who is around and wants to chat - I’ll be there, as will @Geoff_Perlman :slight_smile:

I should be there this time, also. Barring some unforeseen circumstance, as has been the case the last few weeks.

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Quick reminder that this Hangout is today.


just a few minutes!

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I missed it because I was busy. Maybe next time. I hope that it was fun! :slight_smile: