Xojo guru needed, container in container property

I have a container control (ccA) which contains a container control (ccB)
looping through controls of ccA, I find ccB. now I want to change a property of ccB.
How can I do that ?

my code below, hope I gave you all the info needed …

that’s the error message

that are the controls of ccA, control with name ‘LabelThisName’ is ccB where I want to change property ‘displayOnly’

Is the parent container the same as the child container?

Your cast is wrong, i think you need:


I changed it to and got → EmbeddedWindowControl cannot be cast to ccLabelThisName.ccLabelThisName

Is see exactly the same code…
If you define variables, you can see the type of objects/controls better and helps debugging a bog margin.