Xojo game engine development

I’m working on a retro game engine for Xojo, the site is www.paralaxia.com
If there is anyone interested in testing the alpha, you can download it for mac and windows on that site.
There is currently a demo (of a compiled game) would like to know if there are any bugs and issues.
Any feedback on new features would be good too.

@ Dave
Interesting. Will follow this for sure.

@ Jean-Paul:
You definitely need to buy this:

I have one and runs all Mame ROMS. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to adjust the screen size? I can’t see the bottom of the window on a little MacBook 12-inch at default Retina resolution. 1280 x 800, graphics look good and are smooth.

Very impressive Dave.

If I may ask, did you create the sound effects with MIDI?

The game is nicely done, real eighties feeling. To be honest, I am surprised you can do that with Xojo (creating the game engine).

I am using Scirra Construct 2 and JavaScript/HTML5 to create games. I am impressed with your results because your results can compete with Construct 2.

I hope we can see a demo version of your game engine or a video. Your game engine will surely have my interest.

Very well done!!! Keep up the good work!!!


Any luck this will work for iOS too? :slight_smile: