Xojo Forum and Safari Mojave

Hi, since this morning Xojo Forum tell me Safari is too old.
I’m under Mojave and Safari Version 14.1.2 (14611.

I’m on Safari 15.6 and that works without such a caveat.

Messages like that one annoy me though.
The Xojo forum is hardly ‘bleeding edge’ web…


I switched to Chrome.

I just updated the last Mini Mac 2012 to Catalina to solve this.

Though there are update blockers also on Catalina like Office will not update.

I was storing this mac to be the last one that can do 32 bit things, and run old Xojo and what not. But when thinking back I have not had any case where I needed that. So now 32 bit capable macOS only exists on Virtual machine.

Mojave is surprisingly hard to support thanks to its lack of certain modern JavaScript features. That said, I’m still surprised because running your JavaScript through Babel to create ES5 versions is pretty trivial. I’d expect the Discourse dev team to be using Babel anyway.

Edit: IIRC, I think it’s private static class members that it can’t do.

I just recently updated my 2012 MacBook Pro to Ventura using Open Core Legacy Patcher. For the most part it actually runs better with Ventura. OCLP won’t run the newest OS on all the older machines, but I was happy to be able to update my machine. I can’t justify an upgrade to a current machine yet. If they put 10Gb ethernet on a MacBook Pro then I’ll upgrade. Until then I’ll just keep chuggin’ along with the 2012 as long as possible.

Do you actually have 10Gb at home or at work?

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Considering they don’t put any ethernet at all on them, I find 10GbE to be extremely unlikely.

LOL I am ON the fiber backbone (AT&T) and the max we can get is 5gbps rollout with fiber straight to the door. The only place I would expect anything approaching 10gbps would maaaaaybe be somewhere deep in the heart of ATL, like at 55 Marietta St NOC where I used to work. :laughing:

You can buy thunderbolt 3/4 10Gb ethernet adapters. You can also get docks that include them.

At home I have typical 1Gbps ethernet, but I max it out fairly frequently (117MB/s). No point in updating it to 10Gbps yet since I don’t have it on my laptop. All of my customers that I consult for have at least some 10Gbps ethernet now. Usually the servers all live on 10Gbps and the clients have 1Gbps for the most part.

Considering you can get 10Gbps on a Mac Mini for $100 I don’t think it’s too much to ask for them to put it on the MacBook Pro.

My home server has an empty PCIE slot and for $99 I could upgrade it to 10Gbps as well.

Me too unfortunately.

It’s very unlikely that you will ever see an ethernet port in a Mac laptop every again. Wifi 6 supports up to 9.6Gbps theoretically anyway.

Yes, the largely false marketing of wireless tech will probably prevent a lot of people from thinking that an actual ethernet port is something they might need, but those of us who work with wireless on a regular basis have known the truth for a long time. Wireless doesn’t compete with wired when it comes to actual performance.

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Yes, but you can buy thunderbolt - 10Gb Ethernet adapters if its that important.

Yeah. They’re generally about $300, but if you actually need 10GbE, you’ve certainly spent a lot of money on your network already. 2.5GbE is a good compromise, as you can get a USB-C ethernet adapter that supports 2.5 for like $40, and the infrastructure is a bit more affordable too.

Generally when I ran a network, we would typically have the clients operating slower than the servers. Otherwise a single bad actor can swamp your sever.

It would be great to see a Xojo team answer. Is it a mistake or will Mojave be not supported? I prefer to not wait for the next Xojo version to see I will have to upgrade. If I have to upgrade I will do it now.

You’re not likely to get an answer from Xojo since Discourse is not their product. You can get an answer from Discourse’s developers though: Unsupported browser message on Snap! forums - #10 by david - support - Discourse Meta

Ahh, I thought the forum was developped with Xojo but I remember now I read in the past it was not.