Xojo for the young'uns...

My daughter came to me a few weeks ago and told me she had an interest in doing ‘what her daddy does’. She was introduced (like much of this generation of kiddos) to computers in pre-school. I showed her Xojo, and some of the basics. Showed her how to drag-and-drop controls to a window in the IDE, and how to interact with those controls (more specifically, clicking a button to populate her name in a label). Since then, I’ve helped her about every other day with some simple things, and she’s taken quite a liking to it. I think Xojo is perfect for kiddos her age to start with. Anyhow, just wanted to share… as this makes me extremely happy and excited. Now, to get my son off from in-front of the XBox and get some interest too… or ANY hobby.

Xojo’s newest fan w/ her pappa-bear…

Hi Eric,
Beautiful to see your daughter to lern programming, myself I have a daughter and I have lern to develop with WL language and this Is very nice to look progress for make android apps for its tablet and I am surprised at the rapid advance.
I wish you all good and greetings have a nice day,

Hi Eric, beautiful daughter. As far as I know I’ve only met one female programmer. It’s a man’s world. Sure after all she will see there is more in life than just hanging at the keyboard for hours and hours, days and days, nights and nights … Enjoy seeing your kids growing up…

Hi Joost,

You must be reasonable in time and not let the children who adicten to the pc. I’ve put a constraint not to let my daughter over an hour in pc programming.
There are more important things in life than just developing and I agree with you Joost.
I thing Eric Is the same idea and I hoope its familie having much happiness in live.

Eric, I love to see stories like this! Xojo (and the world) need more female programmers. If we can do anything to help your daughter get started Xojo just let me know!

Really? at least 1/3 of my companies IT department is women… should be closer to 1/2, but it is more than “one” :slight_smile:
I tried to get my sisters interested when we were all younger, and then my niece more recently… all had other interests

Like what? :slight_smile:

I appreciate the feedback, folks. I got into BASIC development around her age, back in the early 80s. Being a kid and especially a teen, I took a break from things for awhile, only to get back into development using Visual Basic 6.0. Since then, I’ve dabbled in other languages and even had a full-time career for awhile developing T-SQL scripts (stored procedures, etc.). I see a lot of myself in her with her ambition and curiosity. Software development, to me, is rewarding. It just takes some time and knowledge (or research) and you can create something interesting and useful out of nothing. It can be addicting. I’m always learning, and trying to improve things. I think this is a great field and hobby to get children involved in… as it teaches them so much (logical thinking, mathematics, cause and affects, etc.)

Anyhow, again… thanks for the positive feedback and support. She took this on all her own, and I can see it already has her hooked. Hopefully, it will be something she enjoys and prospers on in the future too.