Xojo for iOS ready for creating an AV app?

I need to do some work on an iOS app that would record and export 6+ hour Audio & Video files (and obviously play them back).

Despite my near 20-years of desktop/web Xojo experience (and current Xojo Pro license), I haven’t worked with iOS as a target in Xojo before.

If I had the time to play around with things, I would, but sadly I don’t.

So–cut to the chase and tell me which of these is true, keeping in mind that I haven’t worked with Declares before:

  1. Xojo is up to the task, with declares, and will be a great fast solution even if you have to allow for the time to learn about Declares.
  2. Xojo is up to the task without declares–it’s more capable than you’ve heard and this will be easy.
  3. It will be faster to learn a new language from scratch and do this directly in XCode.
  4. It will be faster/better to use some other programming environment/language: _______________________.

This will be extremely difficult in my opinion.
There is no thread safety for the callbacks and so you wouk need to try and just work without callbacks which could be impossible.

Sounds pretty definitive! I’ll use other tools then (unless someone posts a counter-argument here).

If anyone has any other thoughts/suggestions, post 'em!

Same opinion here.
Xojo iOS isn’t made for such a complicated, multi-threaded, CPU intensive, Memory greedy app.

It’s probably possible with declares. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Learn Swift and do this the right way in Xcode and you won’t have to deal with the constant moving target of Xcode/Xojo compatibility as much. Code signing and entitlements are significantly easier in Xcode as well