XOJO for Ios . How to force the device type?

Hi all,
Starting to find my way on the Apple side with Xojo.
I would like to set the simulator to run the Iphone 14 device all the time.
For now, it only runs an Iphone SE and can not find in Xojo where to force this ?
with XCode, I was able to set it through Product/Destination/Choose Destination …
Thanks for your insights !

In Xojo menu: Project > Run On

This shows all the devices that you can simulate and your choice will stick so you just use the Run button in the future.


If you plug in a device that’s set up for development, it’ll also appear in the menu.

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Thanks a lot
This is due to my no skills on MacOs. I was not use to search on the top bar on the top of the screen ( took me a while to realize that this bar was linked to the software running)
Thanks, all good!

Thanks Greg, will try this a well then with a lighting cable