xojo for Android

xojo for android. This may have been asked countless off time, hope one more time does not annoy anyone.
How long to wait? Don’t want to waste money on other programs, like xojo.

Xojo for Android will be available when it is available. Xojo does not publish release dates for new products.
So you will have to wait, until the waiting is over.

Thank you, I will wait patiently.

You can join the conference in Munich to listen to the Xojo keynote and learn about their progress…

Thanks Christian, love to but, when one is CARING for someone the luxury to enjoy conferences is not an option.
One day maybe.

If I understand correctly, Xojo for Android needs Android Studio. It is now delayed for so long. I don’t understand why people are still waiting for Xojo while there are better and more mature alternatives.

In that case why does anyone use Xojo at all? i’m sure for each thing xojo does, there is one specific framework/tool that will do it better. But then you have 100 different things to keep track of, update, practice. It’s obvious why we want Xojo for android, the same reason we want Xojo for web, for ios, for console, … Anyway, I saw something called b4a while browsing this exact topic for an upcoming app we will make. Haven’t done much with it and not quite as good as Xojo, but seems to do what you need for relatively basic apps. Though it does have an additional license, it’s only like $90 so not too big a deal. I like it for the similar syntax and simplicity. I’ve tried out C#/VS, Xamarin, Cordova, reactNative, xCode/Android Studio for native or cross platform apps as well as various web and desktop and vastly prefer Xojo for the simple syntax and editor.

That’s not the argument being made. Chris (and myself, and not enough others) are wondering why people are holding their breath for an unreleased product. Xojo for Android is coming™ is about all we know and yet people are willing to put off all other options.

My guess is because most of them don’t really need it. If my income/work/hobby depends on releasing Android software I’m sure that I will not wait and find the way to make android apps today.

I don’t need Android but if Xojo deliver it in the future, I will welcome it. Just another thing to play with.

Or they are working with other tool, and miss Xojo.

By the time Xojo releases it Android will already be obsolete.


A carpenter has multiple tools in his toolbox, different hammers and different saws and different screwdrivers, all designed to do a particular task , and the carpenter uses a particular tool either because its the only one for the job, or because it is the one the they can be most productive with.

Same holds for a software developer… Xojo does some things exceedingly well, and others (my opinion) it is absolutely terrible at.
So my toolbox like that of the carpenter has many tools in it, and its my responsibility to determine which does each job the best, and which is most comfortable for me.

But just because Xojo makes the screwdriver you like best, doesn’t mean it also makes the hammer you need.

Fuchsia is still “experimental”. Should it be launched soon, chances are that it will run Android apps, or else it would not be usable on mainstream smartphones. As “native fushia” apps are developed and replace older android apps, the compatibility layer may perhaps disappear. But I doubt that Google would shoot themselves in the foot by launching a new and incompatible OS. There are just too many Android apps that people use daily.


With high app update velocity the most important Android apps will get ported easily enough. Android devices are mostly driven by low cost devices so many users won’t care anyway.

Until we see Xojo for Android everything is just pure speculation. As a developer, if you need Android right now, or even 3 months from now plan on using something else.

Heck, if even if Android was released today my advice would still be to go with something else because the first release will most likely be beta and, if history says anything, the first release will be far from perfect.

PLEASE NOTE (if you haven’t figured it out yourself) THE ABOVE POST IS BOGUS
(and the poster isn’t too hack savvy either) :slight_smile:

I deleted the post that Dave was talking about. Thanks Dave.

If I was Xojo I would just skip the first release. :slight_smile:

First release is better than no release. If anyone is developing commercial apps in Xojo like us, I know they are waiting on the edge of their seat for Android support.

big expectations = big disappointments

uh… can’t think of an instance (particularly lately) where this has actually been a remotely true statement