Xojo for Android from Paul Lefebvre

Over the next 4 hours we’ll be posting one video per hour. They vary in length, most are around 30 minutes with some shorter and some longer. We hope you enjoy and will participate in discussion on the topics that are dedicated for each video!

Xojo for Android from Paul Lefebvre - Watch Now
Xojo Engineer Paul Lefebvre talks about Xojo for Android, currently in pre-release testing. Learn about Android Architecture (ART), supported Android OSs, Android UI Components, Android Framework items, debugging and more coming to Xojo Mobile, plus a look at some sample code for Xojo Android.

If you have a current Pro license you can already test Xojo for Android. If you have a current license and would like to test for yourself, please write us at hello@xojo.com to request access to Xojo pre-releases.

Join the Ask the Engineers live session on 2022-04-28T18:00:00Z where Paul and the rest of the Xojo Engineers will be available to answer questions and talk more about Xojo for Android!