Xojo Feedback app launches but does not display specified feedback case

This problem has been around for quite a while but I never reported it for lack of time. But before I report it I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this problem.

When I click a feedback link in any of the Xojo support forums the Feedback application will launch but it does not display the feedback case specified in the report_id= parameter:


I’m running Xojo Feedback app version 2018r1.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux.

It has been reported several times in this forum. Curious, I was unable to find an already created case for that…


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Marked as “not reproducible”… :thinking:

Well, the report doesn’t mention the bug happens only at launch time (if Feedback is already launched, all goes well).

I see that all the time on Windows. I need to wait the Feedback app to load, if it does not crash. Then it gets in a “loading case” forever loop, then I click in some of those listed cases there, and it loads it. Then I go back to the browser and click on the link again, and now, finally, it loads.

If it crashes, I need to go to the task manager and look for lots of orphans cefsubproc.exe, and kill them. After killing them Feedback loads again.

Should we ask for the case to be re-opened or it’s a waste of time?

I think it is a waste of time. They are ultra-aware of this.
I think that the orphanage of cefsubproc.exe bug were fixed in a post 2019 edition. But feedback is compiled with an old 2018 edition.

YES this is the behavior of the app, you have to take note or copy and paste the case number in the link and then manually search for it in the Feedback app. I’m on windows.

But weird enought, it works with THIS one:

I know that they are working on a web-based replacement, but is it too much to ask to take the current code and recompile it as is with the latest IDE/Compiler as a temporary option?


It appears that part of it depends on if the deb package installed and set up the proper URI entries.

Never mind - I answered my own question by remembering what it took me to convert some of my pre-API-2.0 apps to 2020r1 …


Now it’s a matter of whether the IDE itself was convertible to 2.0 :thinking:

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The issue I am having is that the specified feedback case is never displayed. It isn’t displayed when the feedback app is launched and it isn’t displayed if the feedback app is already running.

Ok. The issue I was thinking happens only when the link has been clicked before Feedback was open (and that’s what I referred to an “already known issue”).
I’ve not seen nor read about the issue you describe, however.

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