XOJO Features Questions

I’m totally new to XoJo, (downloaded it just 12 hours ago)…

I’m asking whether today’s XoJo feature set can do the following. Please be descriptive if necessary. I’m not here to bash, only to compare and quickly determine if I need to look further or move on. Answers to my questions will determine if I should consider it as a tool.

I’m here because I’m looking for a tool to replace VFP (Visual Foxpro) which has already hits its EOL (end of life) by M$… I’ve used that tool for 16 years now and its turning out to be a hard tool to replace as I’m going about looking for a replacement. Things I like about it is its long list of commands and functions as well as its command window (for quick testing) and help system (dbl-click a word and press F1) …

Specifically, how or does XoJo:

  1. Does XoJo have a comparable “command window” where one or many commands can be typed/pasted into the command window and ran, with output sent to an output window or file or ??

  2. I need a robust mobile app dev env for ios, android and WinPhones… Is XoJo already do this?

  3. I need access to mature and plentiful libraries of functions, commands, styles, plugins, and other 3rd party tools such as .net classes and controls.

  4. Auto complete tooltip (as balloons showing next to where the cursor is when constructing the command. I looked for a setting that would move the constructor help at the bottom of the form and make it a balloon tip next to where the construction was going on. For me while learning, its out of place and requires taking my eye off the construction.

  5. Also related to above, can it boldface the parameter in the autocomplete rendering showing the current parameter that the constructor is at?

  6. A help system that has: a) example code, b) related commands, c) parameter listing, d) return types and values, and ??

  7. Need extensive SQL Server (m$) support with grids, as well as embedding child grids as a control to a parent grid as in parent/child relationships.

  8. How is “full text” indexing handled?

  9. How are crud functions handled using “in memory” table structures?

  10. In mobile apps, is off-line use supported when a mobile device is in an out of service area and able to sync up when service is restored?

  11. Are you using anything like Phonegap for access to all the mobile device’s native features like gps, gestures, phone, and etc…

And yes, I have downloaded, installed and kicked the tires a little which led me to just stop and ask all these questions here as you all use this everyday. It would take me a week or two, so hopefully with your help, we can reduce it to a day or so…

Stanley Barnett

  1. no
  2. no
  3. Check MBS Plugins: http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/xojo/
  4. Sorry, no. Auto complete just shows when you use it with tab key.
  5. no
  6. yes, check docs.
  7. MS SQL Server is supported. No grids built in.
  8. depends on DB.
  9. you can use SQLite Database in memory.
  10. Not for web apps. Maybe for iOS apps when that is ready and you code it.
  11. Check Declare command.

In your case should have a look at www.lianja.com have support and migration tools for Visual Foxpro and everything else you need

Point 1 is something that should be added to the Xojo wish list. A sandbox or test area would be a handy thing if not to just quickly test out those curious differences in the language.
I have used VB, MSAccess and Foxpro over the years and Xojo is superior in almost every respect while still maintaining many of the traditional language elements many of us have come to accept as the way to instruct a computer. Probably the biggest thing to get your head around is the OOP concept which MS really didn’t embrace in either of the above.

The ability to create iOS apps in in beta testing.

Many 3rd party libraries and controls are listed here:
Third Party Products
Community Resources

This varies by database of course. This blog post shows how to use FTS with SQLite: http://www.xojo.com/blog/en/2014/03/full-text-search-with-sqlite.php