Xojo en Unicode Podcast


Ya está disponible el Episodio sobre Xojo en el Podcast Uñicode (promocionado por MongoDB).

Dale una escuchada, y… ¡vamos a comentarlo! :wink:


I just wrote a Xojo app using SFSpeechRecognizerMBS class to do voice recognition for the audio file.

Then I run through translation with deepl and got it in English.

A bit hard to read, but reading it, I think they had a good time and mentioned a lot of things about Xojo, history and compare it to other tools.

And kudos for Javier for doing this. We missed podcasts around Xojo for years and this is a welcome one.

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@Christian_Schmitz do yo have conditions to share the code of the app you said you had wrote with you MBS class as an example code ? Thanks

Thanks for asking.
This is basically this one:

Hola, Javier.

Ya lo he escuchado mientras practicaba running :slight_smile:

Me ha gustado. Creo que explicas muy bien la esencia de Xojo a una audiencia que posiblemente nunca haya oído hablar de este lenguaje.

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