Xojo - Drag and drop

You will find there:

three projects that demonstrates (here) strange things in drag and drop with Xojo (in stand alone too).

For example:
Canvas do not reject non defined image files and so I get an exception
TextField reject text file drag unless it have the focus, then it gets the /Users// …/… path
ListBox displays correctly the droped folder contents if you drop a folder, but clears the previous contents if you drop an html file (probably a file, one file in general)


If you want the text details, take the zip archive named “Drag and Drop with Xojo - description.zip”

All the above were (and still are) working fine if compiled to the deprecated Carbon.

I wrote the examples and the texts because I have these troubles in an old project, so everyone can understand easily the troubles I have with these functions.

Remember: The boot was done on a fresh OS X (10.8.4); only two ‘external’ applications were installed in that boot hard disk (NetBeans 7.3.1 and Xojo 2013r2), I only run Xojo after boot time until I fired TextEdit to make the reports.
No other (older) project was run during the testing time.

I tried everything I could to get a honest debug session (no extra installed in the OS, only Xojo and TextEdit were launched, no fancy peripheral was connected, no Bluetooth keyboard or Mouse, and so on.)

You think my question is obscure ?

Me too ! But if you do not try, you will never understand / never see these bug removed from Drag and Drop.

I checked yesterday afternoon on Windows XP (VirtualBox) and it seems to work as fine as in Carbon.
Yes, I had troubles checking my own project (but I do not read my report texts).

BTW: I’ve got a bug report to do… (not about drag and drop).